Efos-7 Restoration project

This maser is built before they had figured out how to make the cavity auto-tune, and that has to be added to make it really usefull for timekeeping as it is right now you have to take it out of service and disrupt the frequency to perform a manual spin-exchange tuning of the cavity. (This is done by measuring the frequency shift at different hydrogen pressure levels.)

Seven days performance compared to UTC (Stupi). Remember this is a maser, so we have a second order drift that is our problem for timekeeping applications. A constant frequency error we can just subtract out. Some of the frequency drift is caused by the vacuum system still pumping out the physics package. As of Jan 2011 the maser ha been operating for a year and things are still improving, and there is that mysterious current spike in the outer vaccum pump.

Allan deviation/stability for the last Thirty days compared to UTC (Stupi)

The IF Amplitude is more or less analog to the hydrigen pressure, but it's having unexplained jumps. The IF level changes also seems to be correlated to frequency changes. Graph shows all of 2012.

Inner (H2) ION pump current.

Outer (Vaccum) ION pump current.

30 days of time compared to UTC(STUPI).

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