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Photo Album: NORDUnet'94


All pictures are copyrighted by Peter Löthberg and Ulla Sandberg and may not be used withour our permission.

We used our ordinary cameras and had the pictures developed onto CDROM.
Ullas camera was "ill" and a lot of pictures are blurred. We apologize.

The "Surprise Get-together": The river raft

  1. Getting dressed (8 pictures)
  2. Traveling by bus, part I (8 pictures)
  3. Traveling by bus, part II (11 pictures)
  4. To the shore (9 pictures)
  5. Going away in the sunset (7 pictures)
  6. Activity for those who stayed ashore (4 pictures)
  7. The brave returns (12 pictures)
  8. After the sauna (6 pictures)
  9. Preparing for the banquet (6 pictures)
  10. The banquet, part I (13 pictures)
  11. The banquet, part II (8 pictures)
  12. Going home (2 pictures)

The museum and the real banquet at Gammlia.

An evening at the museum (12 pictures)
The real banquet, part I (9 pictures)
The real banquet, part II (10 pictures)
After the banquet. (6 pictures)